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Major NHS change

Healthwatch Croydon is currently jointly working with Healthwatch Richmond, Healthwatch Kingston Upon Thames, Healthwatch Sutton, Healthwatch Merton, and Healthwatch Wandsworth to help to inform the NHS Long term plan, our finding where presented at the South London Quality Surveillance Group and we also created a full report on our findings, both can be downloaded below.

Presentation for South London Quality Meeting – October 2019 – SWL STP

SWL Healthwatch NHS Long Term Plan Engagement Report 2019

South West london NHS CCG merger update.


As you might be aware Croydon CCG will be merging into South West London CCG, on the 23rd October we hosted an event alongside CCG to find out the resident viewpoint. We have since published a mini-report which includes the transcripts of the event. You can find the full report, press release and the full presentation via this link.


Since our publication on the 5th February Croydon CCG, has also published details of the new Health and Care Plan 2020, the new plan coincides with national NHS objectives to:

  1. Focus on prevention and proactive care: supporting people to stay well, manage their own health and maintain their wellbeing by making sure they can get help early.
  2. Unlock the power of communities: connecting people to their neighbours and communities, who can provide unique support to stay fit and healthy for longer.
  3. Develop services in the heart of the community: giving people easy access to joined up services that are tailored to the needs of their local community

Full details can be found on Croydon CCG’s website, as well as a downloadable copy of the plan itself via the link supplied below: 

If you were not yet aware that our local CCG will be merging with South West London CCG, then we have all the information you need to get informed. The clinical commissioning group plays a vital role in procuring our local NHS services, so this merger will impact Croydon residents. Our role as Healthwatch Croydon is to hear the voice of the patient, on the 23rd of October we helped to facilitate a public forum to further consult with the public on these changes we also heard from the Clinical Lead of the CCG Dr Angelo Fernandes and a representative from the engagement team at the CCG. Below you will find a highly informative presentation of what the merger will entail and more importantly what it means for the people of Croydon.

SWL Merger Healthwatch Croydon public meeting 23 October 2019 v3



Croydon Health and Care Plan 2019-2025 – we need your views

People living and working in Croydon are invited to give their feedback on the draft Croydon Health and Care Plan for 2019-25. The plan has been developed by NHS organisations, Croydon Council and voluntary organisations in the borough who have worked together to review the local community’s health and care needs for the future. It also builds on ideas and feedback from engagement with local people and our health and care staff.

The plan describes the vision, priorities and actions which no single organisation can achieve alone; where health, social care and the voluntary sector working together will have maximum impact. The draft plan is designed to support the borough’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy which is available to view on the Croydon Council website

You can find the full and summary versions of the draft plan here, where there is also a short survey asking for your views on the priorities and actions that we have set out.   Please give us your views by Monday 17 June 2019.



There is major change coming for Croydon’s health and social care services in the form of Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs)

What are STPs?

STPs are five-year plans covering all areas of NHS spending in England. The proposed scope of STPs is broad. NHS England and other national bodies set out around 60 questions for local leaders to consider in their plans, covering three headline areas:

  • improving quality and developing new models of care;
  • improving health and wellbeing;
  • and improving efficiency of services.

Leaders have been asked to identify the key priorities for their local area to meet these challenges and deliver financial balance. While the guidance focuses mainly on NHS services, STPs must also cover better integration with council services. You can find out more information about STPs in general here (Kings Fund website). Kings Fund have also published a review of all 44 plans which will give you and overview of the themes across England, click here to read.

So what is happening in Croydon?

Croydon is part of the South West London NHS which is a consortium of Clinical Commissioning Groups in the region of which also includes Kingston upon Thames, Merton, Richmond upon Thames, Sutton and Wandsworth). They published their report in November 2016 and the consultation process is now beginning.

The plan for Croydon is part of the South West London Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) which can be viewed and downloaded from at South West London Collaborative Commissioning website where there is a lot of information about the process.

You can also see document on Croydon STP Commissioning Intentions 2017-19, dated 30 September 2016 and presented at Croydon’s Health and Wellbeing Board on 19 October 2016, below

Our November 2016 Open Forum was on STPs and you can read the press release and report here.

On 30 November 2017, the now renamed South West London Health and Care Partnership have published their report: South West London Health and Care Partnership:One year on, which you can download below. It contains a lot of information on what they have done in the past year as well as profiling Croydon’s health and social care challenges and some ideas on how to tackle them and as well as insight of what is being planned. Give us your views on what is being proposed.

We will update with more information on this page as we receive it.

Healthwatch Croydon has produced Healthwatch Croydon and the Sustainability and Transformation Plan which shows how we plan to engage with the process.

We welcome any Croydon resident to contact us if they need more information, or want to give their views on proposals.

Planned care

We organised a Meet the Changemakers event in March to bring residents and commissioners together so that questions about service change could be answered directly. You can see the scripts of these on the Our Reports page.

See the information sheets from the commissioners below:

Anticoagulation factsheet – March 2018

Dermatology factsheet  – March 2018 – no discussion at event

Diabetes factsheet – March 2018

Ear Nose and Throat/ Audiology Factsheet – March 2018

Gynaecology fact sheet – March 2018  – no discussion at event

Musculoskeletal factsheet- March 2018