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Data Analysis


This page overviews our data analysis.

Healthwatch Croydon listens to people’s views and experiences of local health and social care services.

The data below relates to the work previously undertaken by Healthwatch Croydon Limited

New data will be published in January 2023.


The 3,674 comments in our database tell us that patient sentiment is positive overall, with compliments on the quality of treatment and customer service received. However, there is some negativity around appointment booking, with congested telephones and waits of days (or more) to see a GP of choice cited. 84 people tell us they don’t even have a named GP, perhaps this is a sign of things to come?

Hospital and Community Health

Of the 3,309 experiences recorded, we are pleased to say that the majority have praised the customer service received. Indeed, it is good to see compassion, dignity and respect upheld by those we rely on. It is not all good news though, as 200 people complain about waiting lists and 214 have had trouble getting through on the phone. Although the service itself may be good, it is not always as responsive as we would all like, and carers and family members would like to be involved more.

Mental Health

There is a perception, reflected in the news, that mental health services in particular are not adequately funded – this is borne out by long waiting lists. However, the 2,407 experiences in our database are largely positive about the quality of service overall. That said, some people feel they are not being ‘listened to’, involved in decisions about them, or aware of what is in their care plan. 150 people also express anxiety about medication and its side effects.

Social Care

The 528 comments on our database suggest that residents are satisfied with services as a whole, particularly those in residential care. However, we are becoming increasingly aware of social isolation, with residents receiving home support voicing a ‘lack of stimulation and life quality’. The availability of information and advice may be a key problem, as many people say they are not aware of services and their entitlements.