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The one thing we ask all our volunteers to do is to act as Champions for Healthwatch
Croydon. That is, spread the word about Healthwatch, when appropriate, in their own
community and among their own friends and colleagues.

Healthwatch Ambassador

We are always on the lookout for local people who work within the community who would like to help spread the word about Healthwatch Croydon. An ambassadors role would be to help to represent Healthwatch Croydon within the ambassadors networks and create solid community links.

Outreach Volunteer

Outreach Volunteers visit a variety of services and locations in Croydon talking to and recording the experiences of local people.
Sometimes we do focussed outreach, feeding into our Snapshot Reports, such as our recent GP Hubs report.


Project Volunteers

Project Volunteers are keen to help us to develop our health and social care projects. Conscientious and organised, they help us compile research and feedback from members of the public and support us with health and social care consultations.

This is a great role for an analytical and organised person who wants to get involved with our work but who might not necessarily want to interact directly with members of the public or out in the local community.


Authorised Representative

Authorised Representatives are specially trained volunteers who carry out visits to health or care settings.  This might be undertaken as part of a planned research project or in response to issues or concerns raised by an organisation or gathered through feedback.  General training on Enter and View would be provided, alongside more specialised training if the project is on a particular issue (e.g. dementia).


Liaison Representative

Liaison Representative attend meetings on our behalf, collecting and feeding back information and raising agreed issues where appropriate using intelligence gathered by the HWC team. These volunteers make a massive difference in helping raise awareness of Healthwatch Croydon and gathering intelligence on local issues to influence our work programme.  Meetings might include voluntary, community and statutory groups.

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