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Have your say about the Covid-19 Vaccine

Tell us through this short survey

This survey is all about understanding your views in about the Covid-19 Vaccine, whether you have decided to take up the offer to have it or not. We also want to know what you think about the programme and the ways you heard about the vaccine information about it has been. This is being done in a non-judgmental way – your views are important however you feel about this issue.

You will need to register using Citizen Lab which will ask for demographic details. However, any comments you give will be anonymous so feel free to give your views. Your feedback can help services improving services for you, family and friends and wider community.

Fill in the survey and tell us your experiences today via:

Long Covid, do you know what it is? Or are you are a friend or family member currently being affected by the condition? Then take this snapshot poll:

We want to understand what understanding  Croydon Communities has on Long Covid to raise awareness and capture the needs of those affected by the condition.

Your Experience with Urgent Care – Coming soon!