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As well as getting your views over health services, we are here to help you to learn more about Croydon health and social services and service changes.

Through this, you can become more engaged with service decision-making and how you can influence change in services to meet your needs as residents.

A complex system

Did you know that last year NHS Croydon CCG’ spent a minimum of £633.4m on providing health and social care services to the residents of Croydon? Croydon’s health population (that is those who use services in the borough- not just borough residents) is 404,549. This equals to £1,615 per person.*

It is delivered through a number of providers including NHS trusts, Croydon Council and charity organisations.

Change is on the way

Major change: Did you know that there are planned major changes to Croydon’s health services?

Different ways: Did you know that these changes may impact how you access and receive health services?

Your views are needed: Did you know that most of the changes are just proposals and can be influenced by your views?

Get involved: Learn more about the changes, have your say, and engage in public events and debates to ensure your voice is heard.

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*Source: CCG Summary Statements for Croydon 2016-17 (see page 40)