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So easy to tell us

It is so easy to tell us your experience

It has never been easier to give your comments on Croydon’s health and social care services. Whatever experience you have had, good or bad, we want to hear it. Come and have your say on our easy-to-use form today on mobile, tablet or PC.

You don’t need to wait

Our easy-to-use form takes just a few minutes to fill in. This means you can leave feedback just after you have received care – you don’t need to wait. You always have the choice to leave feedback anonymously.

Not online? No problem

If you someone is not connected online, don’t worry they can still tell us their experiences, by calling our dedicated number 0300 012 0235, filling in a comment card at various locations across Croydon, or speaking directly to our staff at our regular outreach events. Or feel free to connect with us via email at:

What we do with your comments

All comments received enter our central database, even if you leave your name and details, the comments are still treated anonymously

We regularly analyse the data of thousands of comments, and see what trends and themes come out. We then report these concerns to local NHS trusts and commissioners (buyers) of services, Croydon Council and others to ensure your view are heard by those who can make the changes.

We have a legal right to be heard and ensure Croydon gets the health and social care services it needs.

Recording your experiences are crucial to our success, so tell us your story today.

If you want to complain

You have the right to complain about the service you receive. Read more here.