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Voice your concerns about Croydon’s Urgent Care and Emergency Services at our public meeting

From July to September, Croydon had the longest response times for Ambulance services in London. On 1 December, Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group will make its decision on how urgent care services, those which do not require hospital admission and can be managed without a trip to A&E, are to be reorganised.

Healthwatch Croydon are holding a public meeting to get the residents’ voice on the quality of service and change that is happening across Croydon. Healthwatch Croydon has the legal right to be heard by those who make the decision, but crucial to this is having solid evidence to push for change.

Have you waited to long for an ambulance or know someone who has? Are you unsure whether to visit a GP, a minor injury unit or accident and emergency (A&E), because you don’t know how long you will have to wait or the level of care that you get? Maybe you are having to cross the borough to get treated?
This meeting will focus on the Croydon residents’ experience of urgent care and emergency services, which will be explored in small group discussions, supported by informed independent speakers to give some context.

The outcome of this meeting will be fed back to decision-makers such as the Clinical Commissioning Group, the people who fund and monitor the services and the London Ambulance Service and other providers who deliver the services.

Charlie Ladyman, Healthwatch Croydon CEO said “We hold public meetings on themes that come from analysing local health concern trends. Croydon’s reported ambulance response times combined with growing concern over future delivery of urgent care services across the borough, is critical for all residents at any time in their life. Healthwatch Croydon needs the views and experience of as many residents as possible, so it can influence decision-making at this crucial time.”

The Urgent Care and Emergency Services Public Meeting is being held on Monday 23 November 12pm-2pm at the Community Space, Bernard Weatherill House, Mint Walk, Croydon CR0 1EA.

If you cannot make the event email us with your concerns about these services at