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This week is Diabetes Awareness week

This week is Diabetes Awareness week, and Diabetes UK is encouraging those that have been affected by diabetes to share their stories using Hashtag #DiabetesStories to their social media profiles. The aim of this is to increase awareness amongst communities on how Diabetes can affect a person’s day to day life, it also rehumanises a condition that many thousands of people deal with every day.  


Diabetes if not managed correctly can severely affect a person’s health and in the worst cases can seriously affect a person’s sight, hands, feet and can even cause nerve damage. However, there are tons of resources to help people manage the condition as well as a plethora of support groups and technological tools.  


The mental health aspect is another ever present factor for those that have to manage Diabetes. Those with the condition can suffer from short or long bouts of anxiety or depression. These days there are many services on offer to help these conditions on top of Diabetes. The NHS can offer a range of talking therapies to help improve symptoms and better mental ill health.  


To find out more about diabetes support in Croydon follow this link >>


You can find out more about Diabetes by visiting the NHS website, click here 


There is also lots of useful information on Diabetes available on Diabetes UK website, click here to find out what support is available to you in your local area.