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Sharing Patient Insights: Key Priorities for London Ambulance Service in Croydon LAS Letter

We are pleased to announce that Healthwatch Croydon has partnered with the London Ambulance Service (LAS) to gather valuable patient insights in Croydon. Through this collaboration, we have identified key priorities for LAS in the upcoming years (2023-2026) based on patient feedback and data. Our aim is to improve the quality of emergency and urgent care services in the local community. We wrote a letter to Roger Davidson, Director of Strategy and Transformation and are please to see his comments.

  1. What is LAS getting right? LAS has earned a commendable reputation for providing a highly respected and professional service. Patients appreciate the expertise, care, and compassion exhibited by LAS staff. The LAS team demonstrates excellent training, prioritizes urgency, and has access to the necessary resources to deliver lifesaving care.
  2. How can LAS improve emergency care? While LAS provides a valuable service, some patients have experienced challenges with response times and staffing shortages. To enhance emergency care, LAS should manage expectations by setting realistic waiting time estimates and improving communication about ambulance positioning. Education campaigns can help the public understand the differences between urgent and emergency care, along with the appropriate services to contact. LAS should also consider addressing the specific needs of patients with alcohol addiction, mental health issues, and dementia.
  3. How can LAS enhance urgent care? To improve urgent care, LAS should focus on promoting public awareness and understanding of what constitutes urgent care and how to access services accordingly. Collaboration with NHS 111 services is crucial, and integrating patient history into these calls would enhance the quality of care. Better information about self-care and advice on when to seek urgent care would empower patients to make informed decisions.
  4. How should LAS work with other parts of the healthcare system to improve care? LAS plays an integral role in the broader healthcare system. To enhance care, LAS should collaborate closely with primary care providers, local authorities, and the voluntary and community sector. Integration of patient records and the provision of community support services can reduce unnecessary ambulance callouts and improve overall patient experience.

Conclusion: Healthwatch Croydon is committed to ensuring that patient voices are heard, and their feedback is acted upon to enhance healthcare services. By addressing the identified priorities, LAS can further improve emergency and urgent care in Croydon. We look forward to continued collaboration between Healthwatch Croydon, LAS, and other stakeholders to achieve these goals.


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