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Read our Latest Report | Croydon residents’ experiences of living with Long Covid

We have just released our latest report, ‘Croydon residents’ experiences of living with Long Covid’. Find out more about those who have experienced living with Long Covid and how they found local health and care services.


Some key points:

  • Long Covid is a series of symptoms that last more that 12 weeks after having contracted Covid-19, with many feeling the effects of this a year later.
  • Around 1 in 4 had symptoms but not a diagnosis, with fatigue, anxiety, and headaches the most severe symptoms, 74% said it affected their mental health and 75% quality of life, yet 53% had not received any help and relied on friends and family.
  • Developing a better screening process, creating better pathways between GPs and consultants, along with dedicated community support for those with Long Covid would help those cope much better.

Read the full report here>>>