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New report release | Croydon residents’ views on the COVID-19 vaccine

Read our latest report on what Croydon Residents thought of the Covid-19 Vaccine, in the latest report we find out how people felt and whether they were for or against the vaccination.

13 May 2022

During the COVID pandemic, Healthwatch Croydon was commissioned through Healthwatch England to conduct a piece of work to around the public views towards to new COVID Vaccine, along with several other Healthwatch organisations across England. We asked questions about vaccines in general, views on accepting the COVID vaccine, main reasons for wanting it, motivations for refusing it and views on the information received about the vaccine and where this was sourced from.

  • Most were positive about vaccines and trusted the information and its sources Main drivers were protecting themselves, family and vulnerable people.
  • Around 1 in 5 were COVID vaccine hesitant with concerns about safety and not trusting the intention. Some also believed COVID-19 did not pose a risk for them.
  • There were limitations in the sampling as this was a general online survey making the case for more focused work with specific age groups and communities to understand their views more.

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