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New Report Release: Croydon residents’ urgent and emergency care journeys help improve services

Our latest report has just been released, looking at the route and ease at which Croydon residents took to Croydon Urgent and Emergency Department.

Over 1000 people responded to our survey: 52% made either GPs visit or NHS 111 their first choice, 40% who chose 999 or A&E first felt they needed to be seen quickly or had a serious injury; 15% had difficulty seeing a GP and 74% got seen within two contacts but other have more complex journeys.

  • People understand the difference between emergency care and urgent care, but not between a GP and GP Hub.
  • Overall satisfaction was 62% but there was significant variance by age, gender and ethnicity.
  • This insight has influenced recommissioning of NHS111 services for Croydon and the shape of services being defined by Croydon Urgent Care Alliance.

Read the press release and full report here>>>