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MyCare Online Patient Access Survey Highlights User Feedback and Recommendations for Improved Service

Healthwatch Croydon recently conducted a survey to gather patient feedback on the MyCare Online Patient Access system. The survey uncovered valuable insights into user experiences and identified areas for improvement, leading to a set of recommendations aimed at enhancing the service for patients in Croydon.

The survey, which engaged with 230 participants across various departments at Croydon University Hospital and Purley War Memorial Hospital, revealed several key findings.

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust has acknowledged the survey findings and recommendations provided by Healthwatch Croydon. It is committed to implementing measures that improve awareness, usability, and overall user experience with the MyCare Online Patient Access system. By addressing these areas, the trust aims to empower patients, provide easier access to medical information, and enhance the quality of care provided at Croydon hospitals.

As Croydon Health Services NHS Trust continues to prioritize patient engagement and service improvement, it looks forward to collaborating with Healthwatch Croydon and leveraging patient feedback to drive meaningful change in the MyCare Online Patient Access system.


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