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Keeping calm and carrying on : How Healthwatch Croydon is working in response to the coronavirus outbreak

Following recent government announcements, Healthwatch Croydon is taking all necessary precautions concerning the coronavirus outbreak. We are aiming to maintain services to receive your views and experiences and share them to influence change in health and social care.

Gordon, Yinka, Robyn and Jeet are working with the local leadership board and Help & Care headquarters to explore ways of delivering our services in an effectively under these unusual circumstances.

Please note the following:

The 24 George Street office is now closed: The physical office is now closed until further notice, please do not come to this address. Staff are working from home and are accessible by email. All volunteers have been asked to step down from undertaking work in the community, so they are not exposed to any risk.

You can still contact us and give us your views: Call us on 0300 012 0235, via an via the form here.

We are continuing our work: Five projects currently are currently at write-up stage and due to be published in the coming months. We are in regular contact with NHS and social care commissioners and providers concerning projects through email and online meetings. Our Local Leadership Board is continuing to work regularly with us via phone and email and online meetings.

Looking at new ways to work with you: As we cannot undertake any face-to-face meetings, events or visits, we are discussing how we can gain your views and experiences, including online discussions and surveys on services and telephone interviews. You can fill in our COVID-19 survey here and tell us your experiences.

Keeping positive: These may be challenging times with uncertainty and regular announcements on changes to our daily life, but we are committed to continuing to deliver the best service we can under these circumstances. We also offer some suggestions from reliable organisations which may help you when visiting locations, using services or looking after yourself.

Useful information:

Download our essential Frequently Asked Questions for a comprehensive updated list of services.

Taking precautions with appointments and visits
There is lot of advice out there on precautions to take if visiting health and care locations during the outbreak period.

Government Advice:

NHS Advice:

Visiting Croydon University Hospital or community services: Find out more about what you need to do  from the Croydon Health Services NHS Trust website here.

Social care and other council services: If you are in need of these, find out more how Croydon Council is maintaining services with regular service updates here.

Voluntary services support: Croydon Voluntary Action are a link and coordinator for many support services. If you need support or can volunteer time have a look here:

Looking after yourself
Infectious disease outbreaks, like the current coronavirus can be scary and can affect our mental health. While it is important to stay informed, there are also many things we can do to support and manage our wellbeing during such times.

Read advice from the Mental Health Foundation on what you can do look after your mental health during these times.


Keep well… and keep in touch,

Gordon, Jeet, Robyn and Yinka and the local leadership board at Healthwatch Croydon.