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Healthwatch Croydon will be under new management from 1 April 2018

Help and Care Ltd won the tender process by Croydon Council and will run local Healthwatch services.

As from 1 April, services will be provided by an organisation called Help and Care.

Based in Bournemouth, Help and Care provide Healthwatch services in six areas including Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Slough, West Sussex and Wokingham.

Questions and answers

Why did this happen?

Croydon Council needed to renew the tender as this had run for four years without competitive bids. They stated in September that they were open to bids outside the borough, and Help and Care gained the highest score and so were awarded the tender.

What happens now?

Help and Care will take over the running for Healthwatch services from 1 April.

Healthwatch Croydon Ltd (Company number 08429604) contract ends and the company and charity will be wound up.

What happens to the staff?

For the staff, Gordon Kay (Marketing and Communications Manager), Yinka Alowooja (Executive Assistant) and Robyn Bone (Volunteer and Engagement Officer) will be transferred to the new organisation. Reorganisation to reflect the needs of the new contract and Help and Care’s management is currently under discussion and should be confirmed by the end of April.

What about volunteers?

Help and Care presented their plans going forward to volunteers on the 9th March. If you would like to volunteer for Help and Care to help them with their Healthwatch operations in Croydon then please reply to the email recently sent to you. We will not pass on the details of any volunteers who do not respond positively to the email that was recently sent.

What about our wider supporters?

If you would like to be on a mailing list with Help and Care to receive more information about their activities then please email

What will happen to the personal information of volunteers and supporters of Healthwatch Croydon?

All personal information of volunteers and supporters of Healthwatch Croydon will be deleted permanently from our databases on or before the 29th March 2018.

What changes will the new organisation want to make?

At this time, nothing has been confirmed. Help and Care will communicate what will happen after 1 April. The person to contact for any queries relating to Healthwatch activities in Croydon, from this time is Emma Leatherbarrow on  tel: 0300 111 3303.

What about Healthwatch Croydon Ltd?

Healthwatch Croydon Ltd will be closing down. For any ongoing queries relating to Healthwatch Croydon Ltd, after 1st April 2018, please contact