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Healthwatch Croydon Shortlisted for National Impact Award!

Healthwatch Croydon has received a nomination, for the National Healthwatch Impact Award. This recognition highlights our commitment, to creating health and well-being programs that cater specifically to the requirements and perspectives of Black African and Black Caribbean communities.

Eighteen projects, including Healthwatch Croydon, are competing for the National Healthwatch Impact Award. This accolade highlights exemplary instances where community voices have led to significant improvements in healthcare services. We have been shortlisted for improving health services for Black communities. Celebrating the use of community feedback to bring positive changes in healthcare. Winners will be announced in March 2024.

Healthwatch Croydon is excited to be recognised as a finalist, for the Healthwatch England Impact Award, this highlights our commitment to the betterment of health within African and Black Caribbean communities. Our project focused on understanding. Enhancing the health and wellbeing of these communities, in Croydon. We conducted surveys. Actively engaged with the community to identify areas where support systems could be further strengthened. Our goal was to design wellness services that are culturally sensitive and easily accessible. The outcomes represent the voice of the community envisioning a wellness centre that prioritises support driven by the community offers learning opportunities and is conveniently located yet discreet. Our aim is to create a future where mental health services truly resonate with and uplift the fabric of our communities. Speaking about the list of finalists Gordon Kay who manages Healthwatch Croydon expressed their satisfaction, with the efforts made by their team to ensure that mental health services cater to the perspectives and experiences of African and Black Caribbean communities. Being shortlisted for an award is a recognition of their dedication is an honour, but our achievements are only possible when community members come forward to share their insights. This nomination is a victory for everyone in Croydon.


In response to the shortlist Louise Ansari, the Chief Executive of Healthwatch England praised the work carried out by Healthwatch organisations. Commenting:

“Over a million people a year either seek advice from Healthwatch or share their care experience. And, every year, there are thousands of examples of where this feedback has been used by services to make positive changes to health and care. “Getting shortlisted for our national impact award is no mean feat. It means that your work has made a real difference for local communities, often amid ongoing challenges facing health and care services.”

Gordon Kay, Healthwatch Croydon Manager said:

” On behalf of the board and team, we are very pleased that we have been shortlisted for this national award that has made a difference to Croydon’s Black African and Black Caribbean communities. We thank the Croydon BME Forum for their partnership with us on the project. We are glad that this insight has made, and continues to make, such an impact. By just being shortlisted we have helped raise the profile of the great partnership work taking place in Croydon.”

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