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Croydon’s patients help 1200 London GPs to improve better access to services

A diverse group of Croydon patients have helped Healthy London Partnership develop a
guide to improve better access to GPs as well as patient experience to help London’s
1,200 GPs give their patients the best possible access to GP services. These residents
came from a range of backgrounds from those who have lived in Croydon for many years
to those who recently arrived as refugees. Carers, parents and those with long-term
conditions were also represented.

Healthwatch Croydon facilitated this piece of work, and was able to put together a set of recommendations for proposed improve the service.

• Healthwatch Croydon was commissioned by Healthy London Partnership
to provide patient insight into the access and experience of GP services
which has been sent to London’s 1,200 GPs.

• Residents reviewed proposed guidance and then gave their views on
what could be improved including waiting times, trust, supporting selfcare and avoiding discrimination.

• Recommendations included taking a personal approach with patients,
improving information, language and support for refugees and asylum
seekers, use of technology, understanding the community they serve
and staff and training.


The full reported transcript and press release can be read by following this link>>>