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Croydon’s NHS Launches Ambitious Five-Year Strategy: Healthwatch Croydon Pleased to Witness Transformative Action

Croydons local healthcare system has just launched a five-year plan. Healthwatch Croydon is delighted to witness this transformative action. As an organisation our role, at Healthwatch Croydon is to listen to the feedback of the residents and compile reports. These reports are then shared with decision makers to bring about changes in healthcare services.

The unveiled NHS strategy, introduced on July 19th, 2023 showcases an approach that prioritizes clinically led and community focused services. The primary objective of this plan is to enhance the health well being and overall quality of life for the people of Croydon in the five years. This comprehensive strategy was developed by incorporating input from over 400 patients, healthcare professionals, caregivers and voluntary sector partners. It ensures that it aligns with the communitys needs and aspirations.

Croydons NHS aims for collaboration, with social care providers and voluntary organizations to provide healthcare services in both hospitals and community based clinics throughout the borough. At Healthwatch Croydon we strongly believe that a successful healthcare strategy should incorporate the perspectives of those it intends to serve.
It brings us joy to see the NHS, in Croydon embracing this approach.

The key areas of focus outlined in the strategy, such as providing care outside of hospitals planned care, urgent and emergency care maternity services, mental health support and services for children and young people demonstrate the commitment of the NHS to deliver patient centered care.

We also commend the NHS for its dedication to addressing healthcare disparities in one of Londons most disadvantaged boroughs. As a watchdog organisation Healthwatch Croydon tirelessly advocates for access to healthcare. We are thrilled to see this principle at the heart of the NHS strategy.

Furthermore we appreciate that the NHS places an emphasis on prevention and proactive care. This aligns perfectly with Healthwatch Croydons mission to empower our community to lead fulfilling lives.

We are particularly encouraged by the NHSs commitment to recruiting and retaining staff. A motivated and engaged workforce is crucial in delivering high quality care. We fully support these plans aimed at creating a healthcare service that thrives in Croydon.

Being the place based strategy for our borough this transformative initiative sets an inspiring example, for closer integration and collaborative efforts.

The collaboration, between Healthwatch Croydon and the residents in developing the Health and Care plan has demonstrated the power of community involvement in decision making. By working with the NHSs strategy we have confidence that this partnership will bring about a new era of exceptional healthcare in Croydon.

We warmly invite everyone to visit Croydons NHS website to explore the five year strategy and its summary. At Healthwatch Croydon our commitment remains unwavering as we strive to represent the voices of our community and ensure that Croydons healthcare system remains attentive caring and efficient.

We join in celebrating this milestone achieved by Croydons NHS. Eagerly look forward to witnessing the positive impact it will make on the lives of all residents, in our community.


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