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Covid-19 Vaccination Programme Update: Door to Door conversations

Over the next few weeks, you may see volunteers and NHS Staff in your area knocking door to door discussing the Covid-19 Vaccine.

In going door to door we hope to speak to people who are unsure about Covid-19 vaccinations, listen to their opinions and answer any questions they may have. We also know some people have faced practical issues around vaccination – such as difficulty finding a convenient appointment, using the internet to book, or getting to a vaccination site.

This project is being run but South West London Clinical Commissioning Group and in partnership with Croydon’s Public Health Team.

It is important to note that getting the vaccine is a personal choice, however, the NHS want to make sure everyone has all the available information and support to make a booking.

Members of the NHS team will wear be wearing colourful tabards with a clear logo and will carry ID, which we will encourage people to check. We will also be dropping leaflets through doors before we visit to ensure everyone is aware our team is genuine. We will also ensure social distancing is observed at all times.

Visit the South West London CCG’s Website for further information >>>