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Covid-19 Vaccination Programme Update: Door to Door conversations

Over the next few weeks, you may see volunteers and NHS Staff in your area knocking door to door discussing the Covid-19 Vaccine. In going door to door we hope to speak to people who are unsure about Covid-19 vaccinations, listen to their opinions and answer any questions they may have. We also know some...

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Croydon’s Vaccine Walk-In Centres

If you have not had your vaccine yet, you can now do so with ease at one of Croydon’s many walk in centres. Find out more via the link below:  

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This week is Diabetes Awareness week

This week is Diabetes Awareness week, and Diabetes UK is encouraging those that have been affected by diabetes to share their stories using Hashtag #DiabetesStories to their social media profiles. The aim of this is to increase awareness amongst communities on how Diabetes can affect a person’s day to day life, it also rehumanises a condition that many thousands of people...

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Celebrating Pride Month

“Pride is about communities coming together in celebration, protest, unity and solidarity” – Stonewall    Throughout June we are celebrating Pride month. The purpose of Pride Month is to recognise the influence LGBT+ people have had across the world and celebrate achievements.    The LGBT+ community have made significant contributions to society, but there have been times where the community has been persecuted and discriminated against,...

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Opt-out of GP Patient Data Collection – extended until September 2021

Opt-out of GP Patient Data Collection – extended until September 2021 A project which allows patients to opt-out of having details of their GP medical records shared for health research and planning has been extended, meaning patients now have until September to opt-out. Why would the NHS want to share patient data? The data held...

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Take part in our snapshot poll on Long Covid

Long Covid, do you know what it is? Or are you are a friend or family member currently being affected by the condition? Then take this snapshot poll: We want to understand what understanding  Croydon Communities has on Long Covid to raise awareness and capture the needs of those affected by the condition.

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