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Croydon’s mentally ill need stronger support services

Croydon’s mentally-ill residents need to have stronger support services, according to a report by Healthwatch Croydon, published today. The organisation calls on health and social care providers to make the changes needed to deliver better care. This includes improving accessibility to services, users and their carers more involved in decision-making, more support and less emphasis...

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Croydon carers of over-65s need better support services

Carers of people aged 65 and over in Croydon need far better support, according to a report by Healthwatch Croydon. This includes better communication between health providers and carers, more home support, better care planning, and better promotion of rights of carers. There are over 50,000 people in Croydon over 65. Croydon has over 33,000...

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