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New Report Release – ‘Experiences within Croydon Care homes for Residents, Staff and Friends and Family during the Pandemic’

Healthwatch Croydon has released a new report looking at the experiences of Care Home Residents, Staff and Friends and Family during the Pandemic, as a result there will be a new action plan defined to help improve experiences. 


New action plan for Croydon’s care homes based on residents, family, and staff experience

  • Croydon Council have defined a new action plan to support Croydon’s 127 care homes based on residents, staff, and friends and family insight from first COVID lockdown.
  • Most residents had a good experience and staff knew how to cope and where to get help. Many friends and family felt they could have a phone call or video with residents and felt informed by the care homes.
  • Some residents felt isolated with limited social activities and no friends or family to contact them. Many staff felt they needed more mental health support and more recognition for the work they do. For some families, there was sometimes inconsistent communication.

Read the full Press Release and Report here>>>