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Health of Croydon touring exhibit

As part of our role to inform Croydon residents about the challenges of the health and social care service, we have produced a travelling exhibition called Health of Croydon.

Based on research from published sources of Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, NHS England as well as NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group who also provided specific answers to information requests by Healthwatch Croydon

It made its debut at our Annual Meeting in November and since then has spent two weeks at Croydon Central Library and was also shown at a Croydon’s GP network open day.

Is there a location you think it would be good to be seen in? It needs to be a space that can take 6, 80cm wide by 2m stands.

Contact Gordon at to book a location.
Find out more local knowledge on Croydon’s health and social care services.

At Croydon University Hospital – January 2018

At Croydon Central Library – November 2018

At Croydon Central Library – November 2017

At Croydon GP Network Open Day – November 2017