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Grassroots Projects 2018

In late April 2018 we offered funding from South West London NHS to local organisations and groups to run an activity or event, enjoyable for their local community, so we can attend and speak to people about their experiences of using local health and care services.

The NHS in south-west London is putting together a plan of how to improve services over the next five years. They are funding this programme so they can attend the events or activities to talk to people that they don’t normally hear from to hear their experiences and discuss some ideas as to how things could be improved.

What was on offer?

Funding was available to local organisations and groups to run an activity or event for this purpose. This fund for the borough of Croydon is provided by South West London NHS and administered by Healthwatch Croydon.

The maximum amount available was £750 per event.

In the next couple of weeks, the winning organisations will carry out events like tea dances; pottery classes; Healthy Eating, Art and Craft, Cultural activities and Mental Health sessions etc. Come to join one of the group and be part of the greater move and change within the Croydon community.

Colleagues from the NHS will attend these events/activities and spend part of the time talking to local people about their experience of using local health and care services.


Upcoming Grassroots Events


                                     OPAM Choreography and Peer Support Session
  Wednesday 24th October






 Island Stars   Youth Engagement
Saturday 27th October




Ayda Centre Event has passed
Cultural Awareness Day



APCMH Health & Wellness Day
Wednesday 18th September



Ministry of Empowerment
Monday 6th August







The grassroots events have finished for this year, however we still want to hear from you! If you are interested in funded for your future events and projects contact:

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