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NHS Improvement: The future of NHS Patient Safety Investigation – survey

The NHS conducts patient safety investigations after things go wrong in patient care. These investigations help the NHS to learn from these events and to inform changes to prevent them happening again.

Safety investigations are a means to achieving learning by systematically analysing what happened, how it happened and why, to identify effective and sustainable actions that can prevent the same thing happening again.

These factors are described fully in the discussion document on the NHS Improvement website. Please read the discussion document and watch the recorded WebEX so you have the relevant background before completing this survey.

NHS Improvement would like your ideas on how to address these factors so that we can develop better systems and processes to improve the quality of patient safety investigation and support the system to respond more appropriately and effectively when things go wrong.

You can choose whether to complete the whole survey or only those sections of interest to you, but do review all sections of the discussion document first to provide relevant background.

Fill in the survey here.