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Clinical volunteering project, take part today!

The NHS and the NEL are wanting to talk to a range of people about their views and ideas around how more people are taking part in clinical research in the UK.

Clinical research is how we find new medicines and, also, learn more about better health and care.

Researchers collect evidence for new treatments and care that are safe and work well. Thousands of
patient and public volunteers help us do the research that is finding treatments and care for the future.

During the COVID-19 pandemic some kinds of clinical research, like vaccine trials, have been in the news
and more people may have heard about this than before.

This project is about facilitating discussion with you around three broad topics and make some notes so that we
can compare what different people tell us and get a well-rounded picture of what matters to you. We are especially looking for people from the BAME groups as they are typically underrepresented within health and social care feedback loops

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