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Your spotlight on local services

Learning more about Croydon's health and social services

Health and social services in Croydon are constantly changing, impacted by decisions at national and local level. It is sometimes confusing to know what is going on. At Healthwatch Croydon, one of our roles is to do 'Signposting for access to services and support for making informed choices' and this page will help you do this.

Are you a patient or carer?

As a patient or carer, there is a much you can learn about services, either to help decision-making in choice of services. Click here to find out more.

Are you a resident?

As a resident, it is good to be informed about the wider changes happening in the delivery of services.  We aim to bring some clarity to this. For example, find out what we are doing concerning the Sustainablity and Transformation Plan, which will dramatically change all aspects of health and social care services.

How does Healthwatch get involved?

You can also see how we contribute locally through our Annual Report and Business Plan.

Training with NHS England (London)

NHS England is offering free training to support Patient & Public Partners and lay representatives in their roles both online and at events visit www.england.nhs.uk/participation/learning/public to view more details.  


Croydon Health Services NHS Trust Report on Patient Led Assessment of Care Environment