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Healthwatch Croydon Forum

The Healthwatch Croydon Forum is ‘the eyes and ears of Croydon,’ welcoming people from all age groups and backgrounds.

The Forum’s role is to inform and reflect the community’s perspective.

There are opportunities for focus groups, consultation and tasks to understand Croydon’s many communities and the impact on them from the wider determinants of health and care.

The Forum meets on a quarterly basis from 12 pm to 3 pm. Refreshments tend to be provided and there are opportunities to claim for reasonable travel expenses.

The Healthwatch Croydon Executive Assistant coordinates the Forum, including the arrangement of guest speakers and training opportunities, ensuring that debates are organised on a proper basis and communication with the Board is effective.

The Healthwatch Croydon Forum aims to be open and representative of all Croydon residents. The Forum is the independent consumer champion voice in health and care in Croydon, accepting each other’s differences with dignity and respect.

For enquiries please write to: info@healthwatchcroydon.co.uk